yardsignreal250As I was reading about the Democratically controlled budget ideas in 2007 I read where my Assemblyman, Fred Kessler threatened to close down vouchers schools via attrition. You see, the Democrats couldn't just shut down the voucher schools so their plan was to lower the reimbursement amount per student and bury them in unnecessary bureaucratic paperwork. Besides my grandson was attending a Eastbrook Academy, a choice school, and doing quite well.

It was then that I decided that Mr. Kessler didn't have the right to decide where my grandson could attend school and started to investigate how to run for political office.

I'd never been involved in politics before, especially partisan politics.  It was quite an experience.

I eventually lost in the heavily Democratic district that I ran in but getting out and talking to my neighbors in the 12th Assembly district was a great experience and something I don't regret.  Will I do it again?  Never say never.

This journey also started my involvement in local and state politics, which has been a joy despite living in a politically left area.  My goal is to move the needle to the political right in Milwaukee.  We need change and moving further to the left is not the answer.

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